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    How good/bad the exit intent pop-ups? What is Google's perspective?

    Hi all,

    We have launched the exit intent pop-ups on our website where a pop-up will appear when the visitor is about to leave the website. This will trigger when the mouse is moved to the top window section; as an attempt by the visitor to close the window. We see a slight ranking drop post this pop-up launch. As the pop-up is appearing just before someone leaves the website; does this making Google to see as if the user left because of the pop-up and penalizing us? What is your thoughts and suggestions on this?

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    I find it annoying as hell. Personally, I use popup as little as possible, but popups do have a place and work amazingly well for marketing.

    Popups that appear before 30 seconds, bad idea. Those have been found to cause a small decrease in rankings as can be attested by a member or two here.

    I would suggest you put a delay on activating the trigger for said popup. Meaning, the condition that qualifies when the popup will appear.

    Make sure the visitor has been on the page long enough to decide if they found the page useful. What does that mean, well if someone is bouncing from the page, a popup isn't going to help period.

    On the other hand, if someone has spent say 2 minutes on the page, it's probably because the visitor found the page useful. That is when I would use an exit popup to make a last ditch effort to salvage the visitor.

    This has two effects, one is possibly retaining the visitor, and two, it keeps the popup from showing in the first 30 seconds Google detecting it as a low quality signal.

    I would not recommend this type of popup on a smartphone for that very reason without a timer. So is my visitor going to another page, or leaving the site.

    "Google’s mobile interstitial penalty specifically targets intrusive interstitials. Classic interstitial ads and splash ads that interrupt users as they navigate between pages and/or before they reach your homepage. "


    Read the above article....

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    • DirectHits agrees : Yes on the early popups.
    • tstolber agrees : Great idea about dwell for pop for users that appear genuinely inteterested
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