I have a Website about a city (Delhi, India) and in a section of it, I will be posting content about the famous tourist spots like Red Fort, India Gate etc. Obviously I will use the Internet to find the information about these (like Wikipedia, Official Websites etc).
I do not intend to do the Copy-Paste work and will rewrite major portion of those information taken from the authority sites. Also, I want to legitimately show to Google, which sites I referred to make up those articles, so that Google do not penalize my site for not showing Original content.
While searching the net for the above question, I heard about 'original-source' meta-tag but I guess it is only to show your content in Google News! right?
Anyway, please guide me on this issue as I am just about to write content for my site, so I want to be double sure on not breaking any of the Google's quality content guidelines, as I want to rank for the keywords related to those tourist spots.