This is the way freshbot behave for my site!

He crawled the site periodicaly each two days.
If there were "some kind" of difference between the two crawls
the freshbot updated the index showing the date of the crawl right to the URL.
What bothers me is the last update.
I don't know what is considered by freshbot as a difference enough to give me a fresh tag.
The only thing I know is that an xml newsfeed parsed into html
is not enough for the freshbot because I didn't update the site the last two days and the only thing that changed was obviously the newsfeed.
What happend is that google has put everything in the state as it was before freshbots started to visit my site.
I have now an old cache and an old description.
Please tell me that freshbot will visit again !
I've also put the newsfeed code more to the top of the html.

I'll apreciate any opinion on this issue because i'm really worried and although the update was just few hours ago I start to miss freshbots attention.