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    How does named anchor text help defeat the Penguin Google Update?

    Hello everybody,

    I have read tons of things on how using anchor text helps with the new google update.

    I know what anchor text is and how to use it on the same page, but are they talking about using it to link to another website or
    just down the page?

    Can someone please clarify?

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    This depends on what you are asking about...whether you are talking about the anchor text used for internal linking within your site, external linking from your site or about backlink anchor text (people linking to you).

    As you may already know, "anchor text" is the visible text that is used for a link and has been a very powerful aspect of SEO for years. The anchor text used helps to define relevancy to the page being linked which is why SEO uses targeted keywords in anchor text. However, when there are too many links going to a site or page of a site with the same anchor text (this is not a defined number) Google can see this as suspicious activity.

    Google has penalized sites for unnatural backlink profiles (getting backlinks from spammy sites with exact match anchor text) and is viewing branded anchor text as more natural linking, giving those links more value. A diversified backlink profile with more natural (branded) links rather than the deemed unnatural exact match anchor text can help with Penguin.

    Your external linking to another site should be resourceful to the users. Are you helping them or offering them with relevant useful information? The anchor text that you use there should explain what your linking to, in most cases people will link to websites using the site name, brand name or page title (which is why branded anchor text is viewed as natural).

    Internal linking on your site will help users navigate your site by offering them options to go to other relevant areas of your site. The anchor text used to link internally can be optimized by using the keywords you are targeted for the page you are linking to.

    If you are referring to internal linking by "linking to named anchors", you have the opportunity to use them to help optimize your pages for your targeted keyword phrases as well as encourage click thru from the SERPs. Anchor links are used to bring users directly to a specific section within page (most often used on pages with a lot of content) so that users can get to the section of content without scrolling. Google may even use the link in their search snippets and point the user to a specific (relevant) part of your page. These links are often seen in the snippets for wikipedia pages "Jump to name anchor link (followed by description)".

    Optimizing these anchor links with keywords you are targeting for the page can help to attribute relevancy to the section of content you are linking to. When content structure is set up properly the content that the anchor is linking to will be relevant to the name anchor text used, similar to how <h> tags are used to give relevancy to sections of content on a page.

    In the case of Penguin, natural backlinks from branded anchor text can help you. The internal linking strategy that you use within your site can help to pass the link equity from your backlinks throughout your site in an effort to raise your rankings. There is much more to do in order to "defeat" Penguin but cleaning up and diversifying your backlink profile is very important.

    I hope that helps

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