*First, to have anidea of the website, it is about a pricecomparison website*

What I want to do is set up to different goals with specific values attached.

Goal 1: Redirect Page
Goal 1 should measure the amount of clicks which are being sent to a redirect page. The redirect page sends the visitor to the desired product of an internetshop. Going to this product works as follows:
1. Visitor clicks the name of the shop which links to an internal redirect page (http://www.mysite.com/Advertenties/Partner/?row=X - Where X is a dynamic)
2. On the redirect page the dynamic value is used to look up the according productlink (a.k.a deeplink) of the internetshop and is immediately redirected to it
3. Visitor arrives at the product page of the internetshop.

Every click to this redirect page should get a goal value of 0.15. Example: when a visitor goes trough the redirect 3 times (for example 2 times for the same product and once for a different product) it should measure a goal value of 0.45. Important: only clicks that go trough the redirect page should be measured.

Goal 2: Turnover from pageviews
Every pageview has a fixed value of 0.005. If a visitor visits 10 pages the value for that visit should be 0.05.

Example of what I want to achieve:
When someone visits the website and goes trough a total of 8 pageviews and clicks on two links that go trough the redirect page I want analytics to measure a total goal value of 0.356 (8*0.007 and 2 * 0.15)

Can anyone help set this up? I tried a lot, but it isnt measeured properly...