I am working for a business that want's to start it's own website or should I say has already started it's own online business and I was wondering if I could get some help?

Say I was wanting to list a pair of trainers that were called.....mens adidas running trainers.......would it be better to name the title exactly the same as the actual product so the title of the product would be called mens adidas running trainers or would it be better to name it adidas running trainers: mens adidas running trainers. The difference between the two is with the second title I have added adidas running trainers in front then followed by :mens adidas running trainers. With the second one there is more added key words and I didn't know if more key words would be better return in the search result or if too many key words in a title was bad?

If I was going to search for mens adidas running trainers then more key words would appear for the second title if you get what I mean?

Finally, is it better to have a different product title and different URL? For example, if I was selling some Adidas football boots that were studded, a short term for studded boots is SG, should I call the title Adidas studded football boots and URL Adidas SG football boots so I cover all search phrases?

Sorry if this is really confusing to understand.

Any help would be much appreciated!