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    Has my site been penalized?

    When I first started my business over a year ago, I started off having great rankings in Google. It lasted until about January 25th of this year and then my site has gotten worse and worse as far as listings in Google are concerned. Now I hardly show up at all for my keywords in Google, although my pages are listed and ranked PR 4 or 3. I do fine with Yahoo, MSN and some other engines.

    I have done so much work trying to optimize the pages so they are search engine friendly but to no avail.

    Can any of you experts take a look at the site and tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I beat all my comptetition on pricing but I can't reach my customers anymore without paying for Clicks.
    I have run the comptetion pages through Optimization programs and they stink in comparison to mine, but it doesn't matter to Google. They get top listings and I don't even show up.

    Thinking that I may be penalized because of poor links out to other sites that may have been penalized, I have completely redone my links pages and have been very selective with whom I link.

    Is there any way to recover from being penalized by Google?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    1. Search these forums for "Florida update".
    2. Reciprocal links now do not have the bearing they used to.
    3. PR does not hold as much weight as it did previously.
    4. Keyword anchors are your road to gold, search these forums for "keyword anchors".
    5. Remove all "bad neighbourhood" links. Search these forums.

    Sorry for making you do so much searching, but this question comes up almost twice daily. After you read and read, post back here and we'll be able to clarify some of your more educated questions.

    www.Three-Way-Links.com - Amazing way to increase your rank with Google - trading three way links!
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    I am no expert but,

    I have made it from oblivion to back to #6 and better for my money words. Here are a few things you might consider changing:
    1. If it has nothing to do with your kw's then get rid of it, specifically that dead link checker at the bottom of your page.\
    2. You have a link at the top of your page called "home", it links to index.html and you also have a link at the bottom of your page that links to .com. Get rid of both of the links from your index page and change them to point to .com on the other pages. Google could see the two links on every page as spam, one link should be all that is needed.
    3. Ditch the blog, I doubt it is helping you any.
    4. Google shows only 4 backlinks for you and does not even show your internal pages as backlinks. Get 20 new backlinks from other photographer's or photo dealers, half of them should be a PR of 5 or better. It's will take a fair amout of work, but it will get you ranked higher. Make sure your money words are included in the anchor text of the backlink, nothing spammy, it needs to be well crafted with no fluff. Here is one of your backlinks "DVD Slide Show | Digital Conversion of your Photos and 35mm slides - We transfer your photos and 35mm slides to play as a DVD / VHS slide show. Convert photos to digital format now so they won't be lost forever. Expert, low cost, fast turnaround. Free DVD player. " Your keywords are too diluted, 5-6 targeted words max! .Get links with "Convert photos to digital format" as the anchor and others with "Digital Conversion of Photos and slides", etc...
    5. Why is your resources page a .php??? Do all the those sites link back to you? Create a simple links page in plain html and link to it from your index page only! Link only to sites offering a return link targeted toward your kw's and get rid of the travel, real estate, and possibly the clipart link. Find sites in your category that will offer links to you but don't require a return link. Link to 2 authority sites in your category, google seems to link this.
    6. Change anything with your address and phone number on it to a image, google may be seeing your page as local.
    7. Get rid of the Christmas banner, it's May!, it looks unprofessional and would turn me away as a customer.

    Ok, now I've looked at your source. Your keywords are terrible: "slide , photo , show , scan , 35mm , dvd , scanning , service , free , pictures , restoration , album , 35mm slide , slide show , scanning service , dvd slide , gift certificate"
    Good luck geting to #1 for "photo" Try "photo restoration", "scanning service", "scan 35mm slides", "scan slides", etc.... Make sure those 2 and 3 word phrases are in the body of your text.
    This is one of the main reasons your are not getting good ranking. What is your competition doing?? You need to be doing the same and better if you want to get ranked well.

    Hope this helps
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    It could be that you are over optimized.
    I haven't looked at your site, but you might want to reduce keyword density to a lower number after florida update. Same thing happened to some of my ecommerce sites and I had to take out some keywords from my pages. Now, those sites are ranking fine.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I will work on your tips and see if I can implement them. I worked all weekend with Web Position Gold trying to optimize the main page.

    The reason I have the Christmas ad on the site is because, if people aren't thinking about their Christmas order now and reserving a date now, they aren't going to get it done with my service. I don't want people to be disappointed.

    I have the php pages for the links so that people can sign up for links to me by first putting a link on their own page. I approve all the links or disapprove them. All the links are valid or pending. It helps keep things organized. Is this really a problem? I paid good money for this script.

    Regarding my keywords, I was tops in the listings for many of these terms for months. Now I am crap. I can't help thinking it is something else that is going on. Try running some top search result pages for "35mm slide scanning" through an optimizer and they all fail miserably. I can't figure it out.

    Here is one of the top listing for that phrase:
    Here are his keywords:
    "<META NAME="keywords" VALUE="powerpoint,power point copy slides to CD, scanning slides, scanning service, digital conversion, slide show, film scanning,film archiving service, archival slide scanning,35MM, 35 MM,slide show software,transparency scanning, 35mm scan service, massachusetts area,Boston,Texas, California, film scanner, photo CD, slide scanning service, Salem, mail order, 4000 DPI, 4000DPI, high resolution, slide printing, overnight, professional, CD-ROM, Kodak, Fuji, Provia, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, 3M, Agfa, Velvia, old slides, preserve,digitize, slide collection, Nikon Coolscan, 120/220, 126,127, 110, format, FedEx shipping,645, medium format, fastest,same day service">

    He has thousands of words on this one page. All optimizers say to not have more than 700-800 or so. I follow the optimizing suggestions and I end up not even in the running. This guy does many things the opposite of what should be done and gets top listing.

    I wonder if I was penalized for some of the links that I had previously?
    How do you find out if you have been penalized?
    How long do you wait to see if your changes have been effective? A month, for the next "dance?"

    Thanks for taking the trouble to give your input.

    I'm still trying to find out what "keyword anchors" are by doing a search of this forum. I know what keywords are and I know what anchors are. Keyword anchors are new to me and seaching hasn't helped so far. I'll keep looking.

    Last edited by deepsix; May 5th, 2004 at 05:04 PM.
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    Originally Posted by meisjedog
    4. Google shows only 4 backlinks for you and does not even show your internal pages as backlinks.
    Correct this and you will solve 80% of your problem. Relevant backlinks, preferably one-way, will outweigh most anything else you can do. It takes work and patience, but the results are worth it.
    ...Never mistake activity for achievement...

    ...Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it....
    Benjamin Franklin
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    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong that my internal pages are not showing up as backlinks?
    Is there anything wrong with putting my links on these php pages?
    I can't really change the links that I have on these pages already because those reciprcal links will be looking for the appropriate page when they check their links.
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