Hi everyone,

First time visitor to this forum. Hope you can help. My issue has so far stumped some of the people over on the google webmaster forums.

Anyways, I have a site called Ecorazzi.com. Good pr, and as of late December, excellent organic traffic coming from Google. Everything properly indexed, showing up with no issues for the past two years.

Towards the end of December, the traffic suddenly dipped. There was no indication from Google that anything was wrong, but I traced it back to a spam injection attack. I got rid of the code, submitted the site for reconsideration, and then, well, traffic still is not the same.

Worse, now anytime I try and search for posts in Google -- the links will appear, but the titles are simply the site's name and tagline. No post titles. Have absolutely no idea why Google is doing this as the permalink structure is intact and the title code appears solid.

You can see what I mean by typing something like "al gore balloon" in Google. We're the second result -- which should show the name of the post, but is showing the blog title instead. Odd.

Anyone have any suggestions? Happy to share more information.

Thanks again,