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    Google Search in the Next 20-Years

    Google this week talked about how search has changed, and how it sees search changing over the next 20-years.

    If you're serious about gaining traffic and "ranking" you need to understand how traffic might be coming to your site, so you should read and understand how it's all going to change.

    The three fundamental shifts Google believes will happen are: A switch from answers to journeys, a shift from queries to a queryless way of getting information, and th shift from text to a visual way of finding information.

    AI will help it achieve these goals, which means that the machine learning will be better understanding what people search for and view, surfacing other pages and sites which may be relevant. Google has long talked about relevancy, and that has to be part of SEO's understanding on how their site and services feature at all.

    Ten blue links on their own have long been old hat, however, millions of pages are still based upon relying on being found through those links.

    You really must read the full document here https://www.blog.google/products/sea...next-20-years/

    How are you changing your SEO to help meet these fundamental changes?

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    Iím still going through it at the moment. Here is a link to some tweets from Danny discussing some points http://mobile.twitter.com/dannysulli...74084639465473
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    Working in eCommerce, I am really interested in how Google will begin to take on Amazon.

    So I want to give my opinion from a retail perspective looking at short term and longer term.

    Google Shopping

    Google Shopping continues to be a great success however it has a huge problem when it comes to fulfillment - a problem that Amazon has sorted out a long time ago by investing in fulfillment infrastructure across the globe.

    Where as a user can complete an end to end purchase with Amazon, Google cannot - the experience with Google stop at the point where the customer find a product they are interested in.

    At Amazon, the customer can find the product, part with their cash and receive the item on their doorstep.

    There is a solution for Google and in a short period of time, could become a powerhouse in retail... imagine this...

    You search for the pair of shoes you would like in Google Shopping and it provides a result from 'Retailer A', you add them to your Google Shopping Basket.

    You then realise you need a nice shirt, you search, you find the right shirt from a different retailer, 'Retailer B'- you add the shirt to your Google Shopping Basket.

    Happy with your selections, you pay via Google, the merchants receive the orders and they ship the items to your door.

    The power Google would have over Amazon is the retailers - Amazon don't have the world's retailers on their platform - Google generally do, they have brands that Amazon don't.

    From a customer experience, you make one transaction, the experience is slick.

    For this to work, Google wold need to be able to integrate with retailers and a good starting point is to work out integrations with popular CMS platforms, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. That allow Google to communicate an order directly into the retailers platform.

    Secondly, I can see Google changing from a CPC model to a CPA in Google Shopping to support this strategy.

    Voice Search in Retail

    This idea flow into the future of voice search - again, you can ask Alexa for washing tablets and through your voice, you can have them delivered to your door as Amazon have the end-to-end experience.

    The above theory allows your Google Assistant to have the same power, without investing in infrastructure - letting the retailers do the hard work and Google simply being the marketing system bringing comparison shopping and visibility to their inventory.

    The potential issue is, where does organic search fit into this?

    The recent EU ruling against Google Shopping has changed a lot with this platform and I can see Google being forced into providing a fair split of results, Organic and Paid via voice search.

    With visual search, the user has a choice whether to click an ad or not - with voice, this becomes a little more tricky.

    Now in order for Google to provide a good organic result for an eCommerce SERP in voice - Google has to be confident in what it is providing is a product.

    With Google Shopping, Google understand explicitly what that product is as we give them a feed of information - in organic, generally we allow Google to do the understanding - there is no global standard for an eCommerce product page.

    Therefore, I think schema.org /Structured Data in organic eCommerce is to become much more important so we can explicitly tell Google about our product.

    Turning your content in to data will be key here.

    Of course, an opinion for the next 5 years of Google Search...

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    e-commerce industry growing fast and huge market animals battling for traffic, Google and Amazon are changing as per tech changes, its really interesting battle between Amazon and Google.
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    You're totally right. Firstly I thought VS will not impact all searches (including eCommerce) so fast, but according to Brian from Backlinko it sure does. Also here seranking.com/blog/voice-search-seo/ you can check what kind of business will benefit from voice search and the post is written well.
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    Originally Posted by HappyJackJunior
    Working in eCommerce, I am really interested in how Google will begin to take on Amazon.
    Amazon is by far Google's biggest client. Why would they take them on?

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