With my SEO strategy I have been trying to control PR flow to internal pages on my site in order to make them fit with the overall importance of the main search terms of these internal pages, i.e. the difficulty achieving descent rankings with them, the resulting amount and quality of SE referrals from these search terms, and other considerations along the same lines ...

For example, some 8 months ago I used to have relatively easy-to-achieve search terms in my overall design template (PR flows to them from every single page), before I made them to be homepage-only-links. With others I even went as far as making them individual deep-page links and they still seem to receive enough PR to make page optimisation work for me on these easy terms.

However, at the same time I have failed in introducing harder-to-achieve search terms into our design template. The problem is NOT to achieve rankings for these, but even to get them spidered in the first place. It almost seems to me that the old pages are still considered to be template links and that prevents google from replacing them by any new links to content I want to feed into the index.

I remember a conversation, where I was reminded to 301 any links I de-link from my site and let them forward to the new content instead. Otherwise the link removal would only be seen as temporary and google would still expect the old pages to be where they were (and work out PR for them according to their old position in the site architecture !?). Now my situation here is slightly different, I do not actually want to bondon/delink/replace any pages, just lower them PR wise and give PR to others instead.

It is widely known that the overall PR a site has, corresponds loosely with how deep google would spider content. Now, if there are many deep links have been indexed previously, because they used to be upfront, there is some reason to believe that google would not limitless spider the new content that I regularly push upfront instead.

Any ideas whether I am thinking along the right lines, and whether that could cause googles refusal to index my new template/homepage links!? Any similar examples from any of you guys how old content can "block" new content getting indexed? As I said this has been going on for quite a while now, and on two different sites as well, so I can not help believing there is some pattern behind all this.