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    Google rank lost after extended site downtime

    I work for a company that had a website that was consistently #1 ranked for the keywords we were targeting for several years. I left the company for a while to do some work with a different company, and during this time, the website had downtime of about 60 days (they have no tech staff and it took that long to get the issue resolved).

    The site has been up for around 90 days now, but it still does not show up in the top 20 pages of google results. The site was recently completely redesigned to be more modern and mobile friendly, but with most of the same content. Permanent redirects were put into place to link to the new URLs.

    The site is on the first page of results on yahoo and bing, so I'm not sure why the google ranking is so low. The site has higher authority than all other local competing sites, and has many more backlinks. I ran the site through silktide, and it got a 97 out of 100 score, is fully w3c compliant, and follows all of the recommendations that various tools give to maximize SEO.

    Any ideas what the next step should be to regain the ranking? Webmaster tools show no crawl errors and I honestly have no idea where to go from here. Thanks for any input!
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    1. Did it loose backlinks during this time period?
    -> Check with ahrefs/majestic to find out
    2. Are the redirects 1:1 eg example.com/page1.html 301 -> example.com/page1/ ?
    3. Is the site even indexed?
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    Hi MonoksideC,
    Have you tried resubmitting a sitemap in Webmaster Tools? Have you checked for any kind of manual penalty in Webmaster Tools? 60 days is a long time for the site to be down and this has likely made a big impact on the site's rankings. To top it off, the site got redesigned and redirected to different URLs which can be a big shock to the system. I also agree with atentat, above - definitely double check your 301 redirects. If all looks good on that front, give Google a little "push" in the right direction by submitting a new sitemap and give them a little bit of time to recrawl everything.

    Hope that helps and good luck! :-)
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    my website has the same problem but how can i check 301 redirect? please help. In fact, my website rank lost from 7th October.
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    You have a lot of stuff happening at the same time here. Long downtime, site redesign, redirects in place and Google making lots of changes in recent times.

    It could be as simple as you lost a few decent links from people who thought the site was now dead.

    But there is no way of knowing it could be because of how the redesign was done. Or the redirects or it simply may be that the changes Google has been making would of seen the site loose its rankings anyway.

    So as to solution check that everything has been done properly is a good place to start……

    Good luck
    Live the moment
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    That amount of downtime can hurt rankings, Cutts has said days of down time will not hurt, but not weeks or months.

    That, along with the redesign is probably what killed your SEO.

    Has anything recovered as of yet?

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