Hi there,

I have a business which serves one area but I live in a different area. The only was I seem to be able to appear in Google Places for the area that I serve and not live is to have the address associated with the account in the area that I serve (which is not actually my address). This is annoying enough, but now someone who works for me is moving to another town a long way away and is going to work for me there and serve that area. I am scared to death of doing anything with my current listing in case I mess it up any further.

Should I get him a separate Google Plus page and use his new address in the new town but still use my website and phone number? Or use his own phone number? I see some of my competitors have multiple pages for different people in slightly different areas, each with a different address and number but the same website. Can you add new pages on the same Google Plus account for different locations like this or should each page be a new listing? I can't see how to add a new location from my current listing. Urgh I have always hated Local Business Listings!

Thanks for any advice.