I use the following to determine which pages google had indexed. http://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en...e+Search&meta=

I was surprised to find out that the 2 main pages were indexed but the next top ten pages according to web-stat. were not indexed.

http://www.doxieland.com/ was #1 according to web-stat
http://www.doxieland.com/pups/prices.asp #2
http://www.doxieland.com/pups/pup-litter1.asp #3
http://www.doxieland.com/pups/pup-litter2.asp #4
http://www.doxieland.com/pups/pup-litter3.asp #5


the first 2 pages above are listed but the next ten are not
then the pages that rarely if ever viewed according to web-stat are all indexed approx 70 pages.

My question is why are the pages that are getting viewed the most not indexed? and what can i do about it.