Hi, I am using Wordpress for my Blog and iPage for my host. Over the last week I have been getting the following error messages in my Webmaster Tool from Google,

Message: Alert: http://www.backroadsliving.com/:Increase in authorization permission errors

Message: Alert: http://www.backroadsliving.com/: Increase in server errors

My Robots.txt is configured this way in the Google Webmaster Tools.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Sitemap: http://www.backroadsliving.com/sitemap.xml.gz

My Host said they are not the problem so this only leaves Wordpress. I have posted there with no good answers.

I have been told that a plugin could cause these errors but if I am correct the .txt file is telling Google not to crawl the Admin or the Includes and these are the files that show all the errors. I am not a techie and this is a little confusing to me. I have been told to deactivate all the plugins and test to see if that fixes it. How do I test it after the plugins are deactivated? Do I have to wait until Google crawls again and leave my site crippled? Do I check the Mark as Fixed box in Google so they will bypass the admin and Includes? I am just confused and need any help anyone can give. Thank you kindly.

C. Keys