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    Google - dynamic link with javascript menu ??

    I use dynamic links with ?
    Just like this:

    The menu is based on javascript.

    *My question is: Will google be able to index the subpages on a site like that?
    *If not what can I do to solve it?

    Maby I can place the html from the subpages in div like this:
    <div style="display:none;visibility:hidden;position:abs olute;top:0px;left:0px;z-index:-2;">

    Or would that be punishment from google for duplicating sitecontent?

    Here is an example of a site of mine:
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    I'm pretty sure this solution isn't something Google will love. You should really redo your pages because they didn't work in Opera and Mozilla (I normally don't use IE). Neither menus or design did work.
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    I have other sites on the same technique that works in Mozilla and so on...

    I would really need som help with my questions!

    Lets skip that site as an example and look at this one instead:

    I ask again, please help me!
    *Will google index dynamic links with javascriptmenus?
    - Or should I render the entire content of tha site in a hidden div in default.asp?

    Im I doing anything very wrong the get in to the index?
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  7. http://tinyurl.com/cz56g
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    Myremark does work in Firefox, so the technique is probably fine from the user's point of view. Fact remains that G. has to put in a lot of effort to find the content. Is it really necessary to use all this scripting, since you're using frames anyway? Or have A HREFs gone out of fashion ;) ?

    Have you checked your traffic logs to see how far G-bot has reached so far?

    Hidden divs is probably not the answer: the average visitor would have to wait ages for it all to load. Furthermore, G doesn't seem to like huge pages... More pages is better, without the dup. content.

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