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    Question Google Diagnostic Tool

    Hello there,

    kind of new to SEO but after studying a lot of forums and how-to's I have finally optimized my customer's website. I used XHTML (not because its better-treated by Google but because its well-structured) with divs (loads faster!) and used CSS includes for my styling.

    My question is, is there any good tool which uses the Google Algorithm to validate my website and see if there is something else which can be done?

    Also, I have read about the doorway pages and that sites which use them get penalized by Google. But how can google distinguish 'doorway' pages from real links with a lot of info? For example I have added some links on my page like a 'glossary' which when you click it you get more details regarding the selected word. Is there any chance that google can consider this an efford to cheat and ban my site?

    thanks for your help!
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    giorgoc, the question you raise on the doorway page is one i have often wondered. i assume that once a page has more than the average links to another, that G starts to class it a a doorway page. what that number is i do not know

    i'm interested in the answer if its not the case
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    Oh how I (and everyone I know in this business) would love a tool that would allow me to test a site in development against Google's actual algorythm. Ofr course, no one (except those at Google) know what it is, and it changes constantly.

    The next best things however, is to read the FAQs in this forum and follow their advice. At the end oif the day, Google's goal for their SERPs is very simple and predictable, provide quality, relevant sites that meet the needs of their users. In my experience, for long term success, you simply need to produce web sites that meet this criteria and then make sure there are plenty of avenues (links) to reach that web site and to tell users and search engines what each page is about. Bottom line:

    - Create good, unique, meaningful content that is about the keyword(s) you are targeting. This is good for users and search engines. If users are searching for a specific keyword, your content needs to discuss that keyword or they are not likely to find it relevant (nor will the SEs).

    - Create plenty of links to each target page using the targeted keyword (and varions thereof) as anchor text. Again, this tells both search engines and users that this page is considered valuable and that it is relevant to the target keyword.

    - Use appropriate title, header and meta tags as dicussed at least 1,000 times in these forums.

    Follow these basic guidelines, practice them, get better at them and you will have long term success.

    As for doorway pages, I stick to a simple philosophy: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. Google treats pages that "look, walk and quack" like doorway pages the same way. On that note, I have never had a site penalized for legitimate pageslinking to other legitimate pages. Just make sure every page has legitimate value to offer a user and you'll be fine.

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