Hello pals...
about 15 days ago l had a web hosting suspending account problem with my web hosting servise. and my website has parked on sedo for about 15 days which means empty..
after this 15 days l have solved the problems with my hosting corporation and opened my website again.
Google bots was visiting my website in a day about many many times be4 my website suspened but after this oparation non of the google bots comeing to my website and indexing it.?
Do any of you guys know the reason why?
Website we are talking about : www.kolayphp.com

Deepnote : during this suspending operation google new page ranks updated and google gave me 3 and some pages got 4 page rank..
Do u thing this might be the reason of bots dont visit site ?

Yes there is
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
User-agent: Googlebot
in my www.kolayphp.com/robots.txt file..