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    Is Google banning certain words?

    Is google blocking words from search results?
    I optimized a page for the keyword "gun laws by state" which a month ago was getting thousands of searches. However now if I go into Google adwords I get 0 searches. Other keyword tools return the same results. I think it has to do with the word GUN as they dont want any advertising with words relating to weapons. This is bit of a worry as my web site is called Guns To Carry so will I get an SEO hit due to the name? and should I change the URL of the page Gun Laws By State ?
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    It does appear that way... most interesting...

    Looks as if you may have to change up your targeted keywords...

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    Hi Wayne,
    It does not look like G is blocking search results for the query as there are 8.2 million pages that match it.

    What you may be seeing in G's keyword tool is G hiding the search query numbers as it bans Adwords that promote guns.

    Google's Advertising Policies Help - Dangerous products or services

    "We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we don't allow the promotion of some products or services that cause damage, harm, or injury."

    Note. These rules were updated in Mar 2017.
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    Hopefully blocking those searches is not the next step. By those keywords not showing up in keyword tools them people will stop using them for SEO. But the public will still be actively searching for them. So if you knew what the search results were before google stopped you seeing them you could basically use keywords that nobody else would use for SEO, as they are seeing zero results in keyword tools but you know it gets 15k searches, so maybe able to use this for small advantage. It is bit of a concern that google is manipulating the results like this, I mean were does it stop and how many other words are they doing this to? They were supposed to be an unbiased and uncensored search engine and that's what you need to keep the internet going. When they start censoring and manipulating results like this it is bad news.
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    I am sure google Blocks certain search words that are negative for the society or may lead to death or depression.
    But these are limited to search phrase suggestions only. That does not stop google from displaying search results when actually someone searches them. Basically, the intention is to stop aiding or promoting possibly sensitive topics.

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