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    Getting a certain directory indexed

    I have created a set of landing pages for this vendor, each landing page is targeting a specific keyword. The vendor wanted the landing pages in a directory format (which i tried to talk them out of.) It basically looks like this mysite.com/lp/olp/file-name.html Keep in mind these two directories were made specifically for these landing pages and serve no other purpose, no files were in the directories prior.

    So basically I have 15 different landing pages in this directory format. Nowhere on their website are these landing pages internally linked and they want it like that. GRRRR such a hassle.

    My question then is does this even have a chance of being indexed if i let it go like this?

    Some possible things I could do are:

    They have a few blogs and I'm going to try and convince them to let me link the landing pages from the blogs.

    They also won't let me add the landing pages to their current sitemap because their sitemap is generated from drupal and only includes pages on the sitemap that were created from their drupal CMS. The landing pages I created did not involve using their drupal CMS, thus they are a separate entity. They also don't want to hack the drupal sitemap generator and add the landing pages manually.

    Having said all that, If they won't link within their own website, or allow me to link from their blogs on separate domains, or edit the sitemap, will these obscene directories and the files in them ever get indexed?

    And if they do allow me link to the landing pages from the blogs that are separate domains will that be enough to get indexed?
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    In short with no internal links pointing to the page and no way to deep link to them it is unlikely that they will get indexed being that deep.

    You need to find a way of deep linking. This of course will only help the page that you have the link to. A way around this would be to link internaly between the 15 landing pages. That way if one gets indexed there is more of a chance that the others will be.

    Also you have more chance of being indexed by google as they index more pages than the others.

    What is the point of the pages? are they for ppc?
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    Do a few social bookmarks to each landing page (your client need never know) and they'll get indexed before long.

    If you leave them with no links internal or external then they won't get indexed.
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    Originally Posted by PoiZster
    will these obscene directories and the files in them ever get indexed?
    ... I'll be back for breakfast
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