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    Error occurs after dynamic to static URL chnage

    Hello Folks,

    I am working on wedding Invitations website 123weddingcards.com. I have lots of product dynamic URL's i.e. "https://www.123weddingcards.com/addon-detail/Mjg5NA==".
    Now I am going to change URL's dynamic to static but my main concern is URL duplicity of URL in SERP.

    As I will going to give canonical tag but still I am concerned about the thousand broken links or website authority. Will it goes down after changing the URL structure.
    How can I prevent from this.

    My other concern is, this is my current version of the product Detail page "https://www.123weddingcards.com/card-detail/W-1731"
    But I want to change it in
    "https://www.123weddingcards.com/hindu-wedding-cards-invitations/W-1731". Then can that much redirection will effect my website.

    Concerned about some things like:

    Website authority down because of broken links,
    Duplicate contents,
    Webmaster broken links error,
    Excess redirection

    Please resolve my query.

    Thanks would be so helpful for me.
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    Hi apoorva7

    1. Websute Authority - Are you referring to Moz DA or PA. If you are I suggest you don't worry about it. It's a Moz metric, Google does not use it.
    2. Duplicate Content - Their is no penalty per say, but Google may fold the the serp listings to show page A of your site over page B of your site, if they are essentially duplicate content. Google will not de-index the pages.
    3. Broken Links - Always resolve broken links. Nothing worse in my opinion than a site that gives me a 404 error for a menu item or contextual link in content. The site loses credibility in my opinion. Makes me of the opinion that the site is not taken care of.
    4. Excessive Redirects - I always limit redirects to 1 or 2 at max. Redirect chains of 3 or more are just bad. Leads to Google possibly not crawling the chains if they are excessively long. 3 redirects I consider to be careless and bad programming practices.

    I do have a question... what is the W-1731 in the url. I personally don't consider that to be, well, seo friendly. Is it some sort of skew number for stock ??

    All in all, If you implement proper 301 re-directs, you may see a hit in the serps for a few days or so, but they will bounce back rapidly after Google re-crawls the sites and updates its' index.
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    Thanks for the reply,

    1. I am not concerned about Moz PA, DA. I am concerned about the Google Authority Which We got after so many works, links, share, Internal Linking and all.

    2. As my old pages are already submitted in google what going to happen with my old listed pages and how my new pages will get indexed. Can I remove my old listed pages from google.

    Actually I thought that once I done with the URL changing work. I will put self canonical on all new URL'S then will not get content duplicity error. Hopefully.

    W-1731 is the product code of my website as my current product URL is "https://www.123weddingcards.com/card-detail/W-1705" I found them a wrong Url structure and I want to change it as https://www.123weddingcards.com/hindu-wedding-cards-invitations/W-1705 that could be right. Cause at current days when I make links for the product pages link juices and authority passes at wrong pages. so if I add subcategory "hindu-wedding-cards-invitations " at mid of the URL. Then my breadcrumb structure and URL flow of my website will be correct. Hoping so ..

    And thanks for the suggestions
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    How large is the website? Can you set up a page by page redirection from OLD to NEW?
    I don't see how canonical tags are going to help in your case? Say you have OLDPAGEno1 and NEWpageno1. You will remove OLDpageno1 and you are left with NEWpageno1.
    How does setting up a canonical tag on NEWPAGEno1 help you address duplication? Adding that tag on the OLDpageno1 will help not the way you are planning it.
    Your best way is to set up a dynamic redirect system on the page that processes https://www.123weddingcards.com/addon-detail/Mjg5NA== (old pages) that uses the code at the end as an identifier and redirects to appropriate new page.
    This should solve most of your problems.

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