I totally rewrote one of my websites a few months ago going to a more dynamic design. All the code is now in a single ASP.NET page and the page changes depending on query strings. I can control every aspect of the pages from the query strings. While in the middle of development, somehow either robots or link generators got a hold of my site as I my logs reflected siteurl?hop=somestringhere all over the place. At first i
did not think much of this, but now, somehow, my google index for my main home page of the site is no longer indexed and instead some odd page with ?hop=somestring is the top page that comes up when I enter my keywords in google.

Obviously, I'd like to fix this. I'm really only interested in robots
indexing my main page. I know I can create a robots.txt file to stop indexing of anything with a query string. But, I'm not sure if I'd be hurting myself by stopping robots from attempting to index every query string combination that might points customers to me. For now, I've opted to make the main page dynamically set the meta robots tag to noindex,follow when the url has a query string of any kind. I suspect this will atleast allow robots to follow to and index my default page.

Some questions.

- Does Google NOT count a link if robots is telling it not to index it?
- Is it common practice for webmaster to not index pages with
unexpected query strings?
- Will Google set a duplicate content penalaty if pages a page is
linked with a query string.. keeping in mind anybody can link to
anybodies page with a query string, and often the page renders the exact page?
- I suspect these ?hop= links are from clickbank customers, will these help Google rank in anyway?

Thank you for any help or information.