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    Dropped from # 1


    I had encountered a problem , some days ago, exactly when the Google was spydering the site(He makes it every day, by the way.)I saw that for my most relevant 2 keywords the description , and the Titel contained the following words: Titel: " WARNING" and description : something with the MySQl, and Php admin....Of course I started to worry, and that day also the visitors number dropped form 10.... to 1.....I was thinking ...that is Ok...of course that most of the people do not want to visit a site where instead the Title is a Warning message.After a day everything was back to normal ... but yesterday(3 days later) the two keywords loose positioning , from # 1 to # 10.... The Question is that I have to wait until the next update...also , because I really put a hard work to get where I was...
    A good starting point is that the site is a German one, and in the G.....com is # 1 but in the G...de is number 10...
    I know that all those separate G...are working differently, I mean the Update period(that is also the prow for it)

    Is there somebody who has countered the same problem ....?

    Waiting for your tips and answers.
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    I've never encounted this problem but I remember a competitor of mine having a site problem for a couple of days, disappearing from the SERPS for 10 days then popping back as if nothing had happened.

    It sounds like your site encountered a problem just as Google was spidering and these results are now reflected in the SERPS. If you site is OK again then next time Google visits it will pick up the 'OK information' and you should pop back to where you were in the SERPS.

    Wait a while and see what happens. If you don't recover let us know where your site is so we can have a closer look to see if there is an actual problem with your site or not.

    Good luck.

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    You should try a search for that keyword on mcdar's tool to see where your site is positionated on different datacenters http://www.mcdar.net/dance/index.php

    I had a simliar problem some days ago. My site was down for about 27 hours, I was on #4 for my main keyphrase and then I started going down to #27. After about 5 days I climbed back on 1st serp and now I am #10 . I think it'll climbe more and I'll be even higher than I was. Note I haven't made any change to the site. So, I think you should wait a little more to see if it will come back, which probably will happen

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