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    Doorway Pages & Cloaking 101

    This is my way of contributing to a great forum. Since I am new to White Hat SEO, I can not contribute too much in that area, as I am still learning. But when it comes to black hat, I can contribute!

    From time to time you will see a thread on doorway pages and cloaking. You will immediately be faced with all the dangers of these techniques, and rightfully so, as you need to know about the risks. But as in any thing, there is always 2 sides to a story. Doorway pages and cloaking done unskillfully can result in permanent dangers. Done skillfully can be highly profitable!

    Not every one is willing to wait a year to see the levels of success you *may* see using traditional white hat seo. For some, the need to cash in quick over rides any risks of getting banned or penalized.

    So why do people use doorway pages and cloaking knowing the risks? They are not the least bit concerned with getting banned or penalized because they have multiple projects going on. It's a constant process of creating new domains and doorways. You see instant results. It's a way to get traffic almost instantly.

    I have a system any one can try without risks! And without any cost! Just to test the waters. I believe that regardless of what position or opinion you may have regarding black hat techiques, the following excercise will help any newbie understand how search engines work, and how to better optimize your pages. And best of all it will not place any of your sites in danger or risk!

    All you need to do is open a freehosting account and make a site that you will be testing these techniques on. next you need to open additional freehosting sites for your doorway pages. Doorway pages need to be on their own domain so they can point to your real domain. By using these freehosting services you will be able to experiment on making doorway pages and seeing the effects of them first hand risk free.

    You will also need a good doorway generator. PM me and I will tell you about the best one on the market! It makes doorway pages that search engines just love because it includes REAL content and does not look like the lame doorway pages you may have seen before. You don't need a automatic program, but the on-line freebies are verry cheesy and look like doorway pages.

    You will also need to open a blog at bloggers.com, and get a cheap blog & ping program. Again PM and I will tell you about the best and cheapest B&P program that does every thing the most expensive one does, but for a fraction of the cost!

    Now that you have created your main site on a freehost, and created another site on a freehost to store your doorway pages, and you have a doorway generator and blog & ping program all that is needed is a great way to come up with the HOT keywords!

    Google to the resque. By far the best keyword generator tool out there is by google!

    just enter the keyword(s), or keyword phrase, and google will show you all the popular search terms for it. Just copy and past all of them to a plain text file, name it keywords.txta and import that file in the doorway page generator I will tell you about when you PM me. Click a few more buttons and in about 2 minutes you will have keyword content rich doorway pages, most likely around 200 pages plus 1 sitemap. You will now need to make your own index file in your favorite html editor. We will only use basic seo for this page. The title, keyword meta, and description meta will be what ever your main keyword phrase was. In the body text make a header 1 with the same kw phrase, add some test to describe your page, make some of the kw bold, add a header 2 with your secondary kw phrase andd another couple sentences with kw and then a bold link to your sitemap page that the generator created for you. Upload every thing to your second site. Now blog and ping this site. In about 3 days you will see yahoo indexed almost every page, and google will follow but will not index as much. Not to worry, They will be back, if they don't come back B&P again! In about 3 days you should start seeing your pages in serps and bring traffic to your mock site.

    This was just the basics, but gives you enough info to experiment!

    Now on to cloaking. Another exercise that will not cost you a penny or put any of your real sites at risk, but will allow you to experiment with cloaking cost free and risk free!

    Go get the free version of kloakit. This is a very good cloaking program and highly configurable and comes with templates for each search engine. You can use the free version for as long as you like. It is not restricted in any way, and will not expire. The free version includes a pop-up ad and the only way to remove it is to pay and register it. Thats the only difference. Both are full versions. For a cloaking program you need a freehosting account that has a cgi bin. Installation is very easy, but if you run in to problems, kloakit has a forum to help you. Just as the doorway exercise you will need two separate sites on freehosting services. This way you can experiment and get the feel of what you can and can't do with cloaking.

    What's better, doorway pages or cloaking, what's the difference?

    I use both but prefer doorway pages as it is cheaper and easier for multiple projects. The differnce is doorway pages are search engine friendly while trying to be enticing for surfers at the same time. Cloaking requires a cgi program that produces two pages, one for search engines only, and one for surfers. There are pros and cons for both. Having tried both I can not argue with the success I've seen from my doorway pages verses the extra cost and programing involved with cloaking for large number of projects. If you only have a few sites, you may prefer cloaking. Doorways is the way to go for mass assembly line productions

    These excercises will help any newbie in basic and advanced seo because you can see your results much faster! By learning what doorway pages and cloaking are first hand you get a better understanding how to manipulate serps if thats what you want to do, or at the very least learn whats involved. If manipulating serps interests you, then you are going to love trying this out.

    Of course if you have any additional questions feel free to PM me.

    Please understand that I am not advocating these techniques over traditional seo techniques. I do believe these techniques will help a lot of people learn more about seo. Also, it gives you an opportunity to play around with these techniques without cost or risk. Also I felt this post can be referred to when ever the subject comes up.

    Kindest Regards!

    Updated: Please do not PM me, it fills up too fast! You may email me enforcer[@]frontiernet.net
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    Informative post. The Google Adwords tip gave me some indication on some words I should be using in my articles. I think could help me when I get writers block and need to make my daily blog post.
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    Good post Bud Wiser - too often "ethics" come up without allowing for a full discussion of different SEO methods. SEO tactics should be discussed in the language of business: risk, payoff, upside, downside, etc., not with words like good and bad. Anyway, good job!

    Would be nice to see a white hat respond with a risk evaluation of using these techniques. =)
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    I'm sorry, but doorway pages and the methods you describe are no better than the spammers to our email boxes. You are purposely attempting to cheat the system and by doing so, encourage others to do the same, resulting in massive internet spam.

    When I got into SEO it was never about cheating the system, it was about how to get listed and what methods I need to employ to have my services considered on the same playfield as my competitors.

    Passive methods with a focus on your users will pay off.

    Nonetheless, informative post..... eccentric, yes, but informative.
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    Thanks for a good, informative post Bud. And I appreciate the warnings you gave as well.
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    Keep in mind: this is just another pitch of a "Black Hat tool". In the last few months, SEOChat has become inundated with posts of "use my tool for Black Hat profits".

    Don't forget the primary reason people use content generation, cloaking, and doorway pages: because they couldn't make a great web page with a gun pointed to their heads.

    It doesn't "take a year" to rank using White Hat techniques. "Black Hat" is no guarantee at all of high rankings, yet it does carry the very real risk of seeing all your work banned from Google. If you work for 4-6 months and are banned, you're then behind someone who did it white hat.

    Comments on this post

    • Bud Wiser : not true, I can make great pages with a gun pointed to my head!
    • Cygnus agrees : Just countering the bad rep...I agreed with your post.
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