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    Doesn't get better than this....

    Hey all,

    I just put my top client at the #1 position on Google for his top 5 keywords.

    These aren't "blue crooked backwards remote unsearched terms". These are "parts", "used parts", "used spares" and extremely competitive general terms.

    I guess I'm posting this because I have been harping a few points for a few months, and this guy finally gets around to making it happen, and now he's #1 on google. So this means his PPC budget will now be reduced by almost a half million pounds per year!!!!!

    This is huge and I'm excited.....

    I knew he would be back on the first page for all of his kw's, but I really didn't expect the site would jump higher than he was before I came along.

    So in light of this, I must say once again to go to my blog (in my signature) and use the optimization template.

    So EGOL, Fathom, and the rest of you, how did you feel the first time you put a client to #1 on Google for his top kw's?


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    • raz agrees : Congratulations Gary.
    • cunning_stunt agrees : Gary, this wont help Leed's football team,, but wel done anyway. Hope your enjoying the UK.
    • europa agrees : Congrats Gary! It is even better when it stays that way year after year.
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    Honestly at the time it was pretty lame compared to yours... Google really wasn't much of a player back then, Alta Vista was the prize. (Go figure!)

    For Google though the greatest satisfaction I've had was mentoring a stay-at-home-mom with no appreciate of html, code, to do it for a massive number of competitive phrases.

    Anyway congratulations!

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    • GaryTheScubaGuy agrees : who's alta vista? lol
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    Congratulations Gary. This sounds like a major accomplishment and your photo should be on the wall of your client's office. lol

    I don't do work for clients but it is a great feeling to claim #1 spot for a great search term on one of my own sites. I usually open the window and yell really loud - then laugh like an idiot

    Most of my #1's take a while. Just made the first page for a single word term that I have been gunning for over about 18 months. Whooohaaa! I doubt that I can get #1 because the top five are .gov sites with about a billion backlinks then a couple of .edu sites... but I am the first .com now so I'll back off a bit.... but it ain't over yet.
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    The first "first page" I made to was Go.com. Remember those guys? Disney paid a bundle for it and send it straight to nowhere... They spend a bundle fighting with GoTo and then GoTo turned around and changed to Overture...

    But the first time I made it to the top of Google, wow it was a heck of a feeling, specially that my site cloud not be found anywhere during the infamous Florida Update and made it right to the top as soon as that was over.

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