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    Does Google giving more important to internal pages than homepage recently?

    Hi everybody,

    I can see the change Google brought in the SERP. Previously website homepages will be shown for primary keywords, now it's slowly and almost switched to showing most related internal pages in a website. You can check same for keyword "SEO", Most or all the results are internal pages. I can see this change for our primary keyword from last one month. So basically Google is trying to show a page explaining about the primary keywords rather than website, that's how "what is seo" pages are ranking than homepages. If there is no such pages existed or not well written, Google is just showing the website homepage. But I noticed that websites ranking with homepages are dropped compared to the websites with dedicated page about that primary keyword. Please share your thoughts.

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    Google gives precedence to the quary and page, do to content and tag elements, which is your on page.
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    Hi Satish SEO,

    It depends...

    As far as G's ranking algo is concerned, about all that is different from a Home page to an internal page is that most external links will go to a site's Home page.

    If G changes how it selects external links of relevance to a search query and alters the PageRank values for them, you could get a huge consequential change in ranking values for a site's Home page.

    I suspect that G is increasing the importance of IDing the searcher's intent before/after it applies its ranking algo. It also seems to be more specific in IDing external link selection for specific search queries.

    Then there are the specialist ranking algos that may or may not kick in depending on the search query. Eg. Location of searcher, query deserves freshness, video and/or image importance.

    You suggest the search query "SEO". This generates around 130 million pages.

    G can't give a decent answer with such little info so it seems to base its answers around:

    • Location of searcher
    • Query deserves freshness
    • Related search queries

    In this case, for related search queries I get:

    • what is seo and how it works
    • how to do seo
    • seo wiki
    • seo tutorial
    • seo google
    • seo company
    • seo services
    • types of seo

    This may explain why you see a bunch of pages that answer the questions, "what is SEO", "how does it work", Wikipedia pages, SEO Beginner's Guide, etc.

    If you search on Google India, I expect you will see different related search queries and results modified for this.

    In addition, I get pages from 7 Australian websites.

    I expect your top 10 will be totally different to mine.

    There was a time when search words in a domain name had a major impact in the SERPs. This is another ranking factor that seems to be long gone.

    It seems it may be time to update your understanding of how search works.
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    No way, Google is given importance to all pages. Say that homepage is more pref over inner pages or inner pages more preferable over the home page is ridiculous.

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