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    Do HTML "Tidy" programs benefit SEO?

    Does anyone know if I use this website: http://infohound.net/tidy and then took the "Tidy-ed" HTML and replaced it on my index site, if it would make my site more optimized, or BOT friendly?

    Any benefits to doing this?

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    I always validate my html using W3C or dreamweaver, I doubt it makes a massive difference to your serps but when your going for a competitive keyword then anything and everything helps, if your competitor has non-complinat html and yours is 100% compliant that may just be thing you need to get the edge. More importantly for me I know I can do business with anyone regardless of the browser they use, I still see sites that don't load properly in FireFox, that's like turning customers away at the door.
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    Not really,

    I have very well SEO’d sites that do very well in the SERPs.

    I am no techie and all I use to build my sites is Front Page, which every techie will tell you is far from perfect.
    If the site displays properly in IE and Mozilla then you are OK.

    You are right in paying attention to detail, but be aware of “paralysis of analysis”, and you’ll do just fine.
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    Hi Scottfish,

    Sometimes improper tag nesting can bring SE improvments, but that's bot a general rule. It might help you showing a human visitor friendly version, and also a good optimized one for the SEs.

    However, best SEO is clean SEO so I strongly suggest going for validated HTML or xHTML code.
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    Just a comment... if standing on one foot whistling The Star Spangled Banner will improve SERP position... all I ask is... which foot? Even the smallest of edges, real or imagined, helps.
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    I believe that tidy code will become more important over time.

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    • evoleto agrees : The ages of writing improper HTML code are ending!
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