Hi all.. thanks for even taking a moment of your time to read this..

im stuck and not sure which way to go at this.. BEAR with me please this question is in 3 parts

part 1

I want to create a site like christianitytoday.com

and I want to have a blog section on the site. similar to what you see on the seochat.com main page.. where they have a blog section.. with TITLE and a snippet of the latest blog update.. and then when you clickto get the rest it takes you to the blog part of the site.. so here is my dilemma..

Normally when i create HTML sites.. i can get them ranked quite niceley each page i mean.. by having keywords in the title and H1 and body.. etc...

now as this new site im going to create will be large... im thrown up between using a contentmanagement or html... can content management stuff like what my host provides still allow me to rank well each page.. i.f if i add an article.. will it let me have a straigt


or will it be a long


type of url

OK so.. this is what my host provides me in way of BLOG software and Content Management software

pMachine Free

Content Management
Mambo Open Source

What do you recommend I do..

A) Create a basic HTML site with a blog.. and if so which one do you recommend from above?
B) Create a contentmanagement site with a blog and if so.. which contentmanagement and blog should i use above?


When it comes to the MAIN PAGE of the site i want to have it split into 3 sections from left to right..

I want RSS NEWS on the left..in a column down, then Blog section middle, then on right MENU..

see christianitytoday.com... to see there menu on the right..

well you can see on the left they just have something else.. but i would have on the left.. 2 sections.. similar to Seochat.com main page.. where i think.. and correct me if im wrong..

seochats main page under the heading "search engine optimization" that is RSS news right? and then to right is BLOG snippets..

3rd part

on seochat main page.. the blog shows the title of the latest post and then a snippet and then a little MORE link and when you clickthat.. it not only takes you to the blog so you can read the rest but.. it also has the TITLE of the blog that was on the main page in the TITLE of at the Top ( meta tag)

So question.. how can i do the same.. and out of the blog software i have listed above which one should i go with.. that allows me to do that..

many thanks.. sorry for so much info