I am having a pretty big php script installed on my site which is generating the pages dynamically.

Ggl indexed me but in the cache only a db error message was listed:

MySQL error: 1054
Application: main.php
Unknown column 'phrase.text_' in 'field list'
Query: SELECT phrase.varname, phrase.text_ AS text, groups.groupname AS phrasegroupname FROM v3_language_phrases AS phrase, v3_language_phrasegroups AS groups, v3_language AS lang WHERE groups.groupname = 'wantads' AND groups.id = phrase.phrasegroupid AND lang.languageid = ''

Then I converted the entry page to static, and for a time Ggl cached me well and the keywords it recognized were the ones from my site. After the next deep crawl, all keywors they recognize me are the error message names.

Now the strange thing:
Ggl in the cache stated that the cache comes from another site. This other site runs the same php script.

My inbound links appered correctly during the time Ggl recognized me well. Now all inbound links Ggl knows are from the producer (!) of the script (where no inbound link is to my site), but resemble neither my old inbound links, nor the ones of the producerīs website, nor the ones of the site of the other guy using the script.

Any ideas? Would be really (!!) grateful