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    CSS vs. semantic tags vs. hardcoded tags.


    I would love to hear your opinions on which of the three alternatives bellow which is better when it comes down to search engine ranking.

    1) Hard coded tags: <p><b>some text</b></p>
    2) Semantic tags: <p><strong>some text</strong></p>
    3) CSS
    .bold {font-weight: bolder}
    <p class="bold">some text</p>

    Thank you.
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    I think it depends a lot about the doctype and other factors that determine document type and html/xhtml version. In order to parse files properly, google and other SEs must be able to identify and treat document markup .

    According to W3C semantics is the way to go and I'm giving them my full support by making XHTML compliant pages. Search engines are far away from understanding text (meaning AI), but they love good markup with appropiate semantic weight.

    My choise is option number 3.

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