This is going to be my last thread on the topic as I think I have done this now to death.

So with my site websitesbymark. co .uk at the top in the header is my main H Im using for seo.

It has been suggested that this needs to be where the content is (Maybe as far down as where Fantastic adaptive.. starts..)

Idea being that all the content is together...

At the moment the 'banner' above is a scetion, the bit which starts Fantastic adaptive is a section and so on..

Just wondering rather than having loads of sections, this should be one section/article.

The nav at the bottom im happy is in its own aside, but its more Im wondering if everything under the header and above the nav should be a single section?

Or is having lots of sections the right way to go..? (Im unclear how Google treats mutliple sections on a page v one large one..)

I know someone is going to say article, but in theory articles are more for news items etc..

This page is targeting 'web design dorset' so the bits I want Google to take notice of is the H1 + everything under the nav to just about the bottom nav.

Thanks in advance.