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    contents of anchors?

    Fundamental questions probably...

    I'm targetting 2 keywords, one a single word (aaa) and another a two word combo. (bbb ccc)

    so I've been requesting webmasters anchor my link with aaa bbb ccc (actually bbb ccc aaa, since it sounds more grammatical)... is this effective? or will I only rank well for the whole string and only alright, for partials?

    My only other option would be to choose 1 or the other, but I've been trying to cover ground. one keyword only gets a few queries a day, the other about 600 (overture stat). should I start investing time in my ultimate goal keyphrase (ddd eee) which gets 42,000 queries a day now, or not even bother til my site is established?

    Does setting sights on more competitive keywordsaffect sandboxing time?

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    from your post I could guess that you are having a newbie site, so time is there in front of you.... may this thread by DD will help you out in this stage. http://forums.seochat.com/t36535/s.html - if you went through already, you know what to do next. It's abput targetting your secondary KWs and how to get potential customers while you are sandboxed....

    I would have make sure my BL anchor text should not be same but themed on targetting my target audience. Also my main goal will be the KWs which can drive huge 'potentail' customers to my site. So if you are targetting a high competitive industry, age will play a key role - Age of your stable BLs + age of your site. So to avoid snowed under - sandboxed under- in google SERPs I would went with my secondary KWs to get some relevant traffic and keep on building my base for the primary ones.

    hope this will help you out...
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