Changes in the Google local listings
Google announced a sight change in the listing process of Local Business Center which will alter the way SEOs needs to manage assisting clients with all important verification process. Also, Google has added a new favoriting feature to Google Maps listings.

The Pin Number Verification Process is now more in Client’s hand

So far in Google local listings, we were getting a verification pin by creating the client’s profile on Google local business center. This pin is basically to verify the listing with the concerned authority. The pin was being provided to the clients later on so that they can verify their listings when Google calls. However, Google has made a slight change in this process and now Google is simply providing the pin number within the phone call. So, it’s is now completely in client’s hand to enter the pin whenever Google calls.

Stars in Google Maps

This is a recent change made by Google in the Map listings. If we search something in Google Maps then we will notice an outline of a star next to the business listings displayed. By clicking on star, users can add the listings as a favorite to their “MyMaps” page.

Look at the picture below:

- It might be a way to add all of favorite listings to a single page to make it fast and easy to check if they’ve gotten any new reviews or citations on a periodic basis.

- From SEOs perspective, it might be used to put all of the competitor’s listings in one place to follow what they are doing, especially if they are spamming.

- On a user level, people might use the favorites star to bookmark businesses they want to remember.