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    Can my tracking code hinder SEO

    Hi there Guys

    I am about to adding a tracking code that is provided by my tracking service.

    I remember reading about having a 1 x 1 pixel link and it being a form of spam. Then I found this from an old thread in the archieves

    Originally posted by lost1
    I'm not a professional SEO. You lost me a bit. I know what kw stuffing is, but what do you mean about the 1 pixel image links? What's that?
    lost1, all it means is an image link that is sized to 1 pixel x 1 pixel which a user will not know is there - all in all, it just acts the same as a text link which is the same colour as the background.

    After reading this I am stuffed, clueless.. All the tracking codes that I ahve come across looks something like this:

    <img src="https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?amount=AMOUNTOFSALE&tracking=TRACKINGNUMB ER&transtype=TYPEOFTRANSACTION&merchantID=0000" width="1" height="1">

    It doesn't make sense to me because how am I suppose to track my sales and other things if its going to result in being penalised.

    Maybe im confused with something and how it really works. Please can someone shed some light on this topic.
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    Personally I would say as in life anything in moderation is OK. If you have one 1x1 pixel image on the page, then you are unlikely to be penalised any way, shape or form. Penalties and filters are there to penalise those who infringe google guidelines.

    In my opinion you are unlikely to be penalised.
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    1 x 1 is just ignore now...

    but to be on the safe side you can do the following..

    Remove and alt tags...

    Remove the size of the image... If the image is 1x1 you don't need to add the width in html...

    Hope that helps
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    If you are able to use PHP or similar, you can avoid this method of tracking altogether in many cases. Just add some code to your pages that sends the info you are after back to a database on another server.

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