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    Can Javascript be used to spam Google?

    Can Javascript be used to spam Google? What do you think?

    If search engines don't parse Javascript, then it seems that you could use it to spam Google. Here's a potential scenario.

    A webmaster wants to get to the top for some keywords and even has some keyword-related text on his site. His problem, though, is that the keyword density is low because the site also has a bunch of unrelated text.

    The webmaster significantly increases the keyword density on his site by putting most of the unrelated text into Javascript functions. If search engines don't parse Javascript, then the search engines see only the keyword-related text while users see both related and unrelated text.

    Since the keyword density is higher, the site now ranks higher in the search engines.

    This feels like reverse cloaking. Instead of hiding keyword-related text from users, you're hiding non-related text from the search engines.

    Have you ever seen this kind of spamming? Do you think that the search engines can catch this kind of spamming?

    On the one hand, I think that Search Engines should catch this kind of behavior. I'm not sure if search engines parse Javascript today, but believe that they will able to in the future. When they start parsing Javascript, I would hope that they catch this kind of spamming.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure they ever will since a lot of legitimate sites put a lot of text in Javascript functions, especially sites that use the AJAX programming model (e.g., GMail, Basecamp, Google Maps, Housing Maps, etc.). How could the search engine distinguish between illegitimate uses of Javascript vs. legitimate uses of Javascript?

    Finally, if you think it's not possible for SE's to parse Javascript, please wake up and smell the coffee (or Java..script). Google has tens of thousands of servers constantly spidering the web and has invested billions in developing its infrastructure. Computing power is cheap. Storage is even cheaper - 2.5GB storage for free on GMail. It's inconceivable that Google would not spider Javascript because it couldn't spare the computing power to do so.
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    Very confused post.
    yes you can spam all search engines with javascript and it is quite effective.

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    • jrothra agrees : Agree partially. The effectiveness is dependent upon many issues. But, yes, it has potential to help.
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    If you think hiding text from search engines is a good way to improve your rankings, I think you might want to focus on some more basic SEO tactics and forget about using JavaScript to "spam google". Increaing your keyword density this way is not likely to have the effect you expect.

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    Keyword density, while a factor, is a small factor compared to others like BL, age of site, content freshness, content subject. Also, KW density that is too high may do more harm than good.

    Because of the extra time needed to do this and the little potential gain, I'd say don't waste your time. Instead, use that time to create fresh content and gather BLs.
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    If you are serious about your online business, then don't resort to black hat SEO tricks!

    They are good but once found by SEs you will need a new domain and start from scratch... Too bad, isn't it?
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    Depnds..on what you are targetting....actually.

    If you need JUST TRAFFIC and convert them into your adsence/paidbanners, the TRICKS will make you earn INSTANT Money within days and with that you will be able to register 100 more domains and start it from Scratch...

    If you are looking for potential CUSTOMERS.... and you want them besides you for a Long term, better to be away from Black Magic Tricks... you just need a peaceful mind and will to work hard.

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    • sufyaaan agrees : I'm impressed!!! :idea:
    • ezhilraja agrees : me toooo
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    The thing is that the search engines are growing to like complex bits of text and are drawn more and more to the writing style real people like to read. This "spamming trick" may help (a bit) for a while, but not for long. Not even because SEs will be able to read javascript, but because the stripped content would look like sh**

    However, when used more subtly, it can be a benefit. Take for example a product description page on a shopping site. Some have a disclaimer ranting on about guarantees or other unrelated cr@p on them. Strip that, and what remains is a tightly focused piece of quality text about the product

    In fact I admit to using javascript here and there to strip a word or phrase that isn't any bot's business
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    It looks like a trick that would work... but unfortunetly it won't bring you enough advantages to compensate the lost time. And that's because:
    a) keyword density isn't probably a factor anymore in SEs algorithms... most probably now everything that matters is that your keyword is the one appearing most times on the site
    b) SEs give less and less importance to in-page optimization
    c) Moving somne of your text in js will make you page look poor in content in SEs eyes, when it's well know that SEs like sites with a lot of content.

    And probably most of all because it's a Blach Hat tactic... and if sooner or later SEs will cought you you'll lose your site for good (that of course if you're not already a black hat seo and you go for short time gains).

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