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    Bizarre Home Page Deindex Situation

    My site had it's home page deindexed. Google confirmed that Robots.txt is not blocking home page. The blocked resource shown in the screen shot is /wp-admin/js/password-strength-meter.min.js?ver=4.7.4

    Here's a look at the screenshot from search console


    This is the actual script- window.wp=window.wp||{};var passwordStrength;!function(a){wp.passwordStrength= {meter:function(b,c,d){if(a.isArray(c)||(c=[c.toString()]),b!=d&&d&&d.length>0)return 5;if("undefined"==typeof window.zxcvbn)return-1;var e=zxcvbn(b,c);return e.score},userInputBlacklist:function(){var b,c,d,e,f=[],g=[],h=["user_login","first_name","last_name","nickname"," display_name","email","url","description","weblog_ title","admin_email"];for(f.push(document.title),f.push(document.URL),c =h.length,b=0;b<c;b++)e=a("#"+h[b]),0!==e.length&&(f.push(e[0].defaultValue),f.push(e.val()));for(d=f.length,b=0 ;b<d;b++)f[b]&&(g=g.concat(f[b].replace(/\W/g," ").split(" ")));return g=a.grep(g,function(b,c){return!(""===b||4>b.lengt h)&&a.inArray(b,g)===c})}},passwordStrength=wp.pas swordStrength.meter}(jQuery);

    Anyone have any guesses as to why this would result in a home page deindexation?
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    Hey mate, with out the domain name so we can look the site over, we will not be able to help you very much.
    Obviously, you have done something that Google is not liking about your site.

    Have you done this on Google....ie , use the site command ---->>> site:youdomain.com

    The reason I ask about the site command, most folks get confused when the site does not show up for their keyword and think they have been de-indexed. When in fact they are indexed , but not ranking as expected.

    Did you mess up the setting in your WP dashboard? Did you use the meta robots tag for no index, no follow ?

    Playing twenty questions here again...not my favorite game.

    Edited to add....
    Oh and BTW
    /wp-admin/js/password-strength-meter.min.js?ver=4.7.4 <<<------- this is not your home page,
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