I am sick of this SEO. Mainly because i am checking my competitors (smaller) competitors I might add and they are ranked considerably higher than me.

I have been told why I am lower because of duplicate content on my site. I have roughly 27,000 items on my site. Some of my items are very similar just different colors or designs on them so their product descriptions are the same. So I must be in a duplicate content penalty (I was never aware of this penalty until I started researching seo). The problem is these competitors have NO DESCRIPTION. So I am giving my customers a description and giving them a better more informative experience but these guys are being rewarded for no description as their pages have the product title, picture code and price.

on a side note I did check backlinks. I have 30 linking domains they have 4. The 4 they have I have so I have more backlink weight than them. This is for another competitor who does the same thing to with no description.