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    Avoiding the Sandbox?


    I've got 40+ domains that I'm developing sites for and I was wondering if I should create holding pages for them and get them indexed by Google and then carry on building the sites. When they are done I can replace the holding pages with the sites. Will this get me a headstart on the sandbox or will it negatively affect any future SEO?
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    It might not help you evade the sandbox, but it certainly won't hurt. So go ahead, put those holding pages up!
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    I would put up some kind of content up and get a couple of links pointing towards them while you are developing the site.

    The sooner they index your site, the sooner it will be out of the sandbox
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    I'd put up a temporary "coming soon" type of page with some keywords on it. I did this for one of my sites, and while I can't say for sure that having an indexable holding page was the reason, once it was finally built it did start showing in the SERPs sooner than other new sites which I didn't do this for.
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    Well, I don't know if only 1 page would help too much. It is a well-known fact that even old sites get sandboxed if they change much and fast. So, having 1 page online for few months and then all of a sudden you throw in a full sites with let's say 100 pages will certainly get you sandboxed.
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    Yes, definately get the domains indexed and on topic - I have no doubts about that - it will shorten any penalty periods.

    You may think about adding a little information to each of them now and again- be careful not to link to heavily to them from the start.

    The sooner you have those domains in the index and - very important - on topic including keywords, the sooner you'll reap the rewards of your work.

    <edit>but it probably won't help you avoid the sandbox penalties...</edit>
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