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    Question Article URLs with mambo, SEF vs php?id=x

    Hi all, first post so go easy on me

    I am using the open source CMS mambo for a site that I am currently trying to optimise to improve search engine rankings.

    I have recently installed the SEF mod and some other mods to do the following:
    (in this example, say the article headline is 'blue widgets on the increase')
    Using mod_rewrite and SEF, the article URL would be something like:


    The <title> tags now read domain.com: blue widgets on the increase
    The meta data is defined per article, with the keywords something like blue, widgets, blue widgets increase etc.

    Now my main query is related to actually ranking for these keywords in google, the URLs are definately being indexed, as a "+www.domain.com" returns 700+ results and I can see the actual articles indexed.

    If I go back through just over a months' worth of articles none of my new articles have any pagerank whatsoever, yet those just over a month old are starting to get pagerank ranging between 2-4 (site has been going for about 6 months and the homepage, news section root, faq section etc all have PR4)

    I wanted to compare the benefits of using the following URLs:

    www.domain.com/content/view/1715/29/ (standard mambo URL)
    www.domain.com/news/blue_widgets_on_the_increase (current setup using mambo with sef/mod_rewrite)
    www.domain.com/news.php?id=20 (have seen this on other sites including competitors)

    I went for the second option as I thought the URL looked tidier, plus keywords are included in the URL itself. The problem is my articles don't seem to get pagerank for over a month, even though some of these in particular have been linked on some other quite high PR sites.

    What I've noticed with the last option ( news.php?id=20 ) is that sites using this for their news articles have a constant PR on almost every news article, so im wondering by creating more of a dynamic URL for every article am I actually making things worse by doing this?

    I am getting traffic via various backlinks I have been getting over the past few months, and syndications through rss and so forth, but general google traffic for search terms doesn't seem to be that high. Using the previous example if I put blue widgets on the increase (no quotes) into google I am nowhere to be found within the first hundred results, searching for "blue widgets on the increase" does return me on the first few pages sometimes depending upon the popularity of the phrase.

    Just want to make sure that the methods I am using so far are the best way, Im aiming for a minimum of one article per day so there is lots of new content, using keywords in the title, URL and metadata, the site itself is clean / quick to load and not 'spammy' in any way.

    What I am thinking is that competitors using news.php?id=x are maintaining a higher PR for their articles, or more importantly getting the PR *faster* (seems to be taking a month for me) and this is to their advantage?

    Any help or comments most appreciated.
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    Hi redlined.

    I am in the process of getting another web server install with the mod_rewrite function because I also believe that having friendly url will benefit in the long term.

    Because I am new to mod_rewrite, I can only give you my theory on your problem.

    1. Mod_rewrite means that Google will see every new article as a new page. Thus it will have to index this new page and give it a PR. Now I don't know if G gives a PR at the time it index a webpage or not. If someone knows, reply please.
    2. Your competitors are using news.php?id=X so G sees this as the same page even though a new article may be available (eg: news.php?id=Y) For this reason, the new articles will get have a constant PR.

    Hope that help.
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    Did you buy sef advance, or are you using M2K's version at http://mamboforge.net/projects/sef404/ ?

    I would recommend the second, M2K is in the second beta, and it is awesome so far...i've been upgrading since he first released it.

    secondly, on line 18, or near there, you should be able to change the underscore to a dash ( _ to - ) as google sees the dash as a space.

    PR isn't updated on a daily/monthly/ or even regular basis, so the new pages will take some time to get PR...however, don't worry about that, they will eventually get the PR they deserve, and with mambo, SE is made extremely easy since you can change the meta keywords and title per page.

    stick with it, pm me the url of your site when you get a chance.

    my mambo site is at http://www.introville.com
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    You are going down the right track. Definitely use the re-writen URL with the keyword in the URL. This definitely helps. As for PR, AfterHim.com is exactly right. Ignore what the toolbar says. It is old data, and pages indexed after the last update never show any PR. That doesn't mean anything for your SERPs.

    As to your low traffic from Google, that is to be expected. It is taking a long time fornew sites to rank well on Google these days. Just keep getting good backlinks and adding unique content and you'll do well in the long run. Also making sure your internal link structure is optimized.

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