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    Is Article marketing dead or what ???


    Can anybody tell me the new strategy of article marketing after Google penguin and panda, or article marketing is totally dead ??? Please help....thanks
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    Originally Posted by shaikha

    Can anybody tell me the new strategy of article marketing after Google penguin and panda, or article marketing is totally dead ??? Please help....thanks
    What has the panda or penguin updates got to do with article marketing?

    I take it your asking this after seeing the new google guidelines bit about guest posting and article submission etc? If so...

    As long as your sending your content to the right places with good content and links that make sense (the links should flow with what's been said and have a valid reason/point in being there) then you have no worry.
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    What else you got to think about with articles is..

    How good is this article? if it's not that good and a site accept it.. lets be honest, the site most likely isn't going to be that good either.

    Instead if you say "ok this article is incredible, well done me" then you really need to weigh up whether the advantages of giving it to someone elses site makes up for the loss of not putting it on your own site.

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    • sensei agrees : Better use the article yourself then give it for free to some avg article site
    • jimmyn agrees : @sensei, not always. You can get some good traction from a guest post if your site is relatively new.
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    Do you mean submitting the same article, or spun article, to article networks?

    Article marketing covers quite a broad range of things.
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    Article marketing is too broad a term for your question to even make sense much less have a correct answer.

    Site size, popularity, and current ranking make a big difference in how people market articles.

    Make Magazine exists on writing articles, but they don't need to run around asking other people to post them. Their target market will spread them all by itself, or with a simple tweet/facebook update.

    A smaller site might need to actively go out and get people to care about them. There are lots of ways people do this. Early on a site might wright guest posts for existing sites and blogs to establish themselves as an expert. That won't work for crappy sites based on adsense revenue with generic junky content on some ridiculous niche. But for a serious startup you can establish yourself as an expert on home automation or whatever.

    Another strategy is to write top notch articles for your own site, then actively promote snippets to other sites pointing to the main article. This would be a waste of time for a larger site and some would argue a smaller site should concentrate on more high quality articles rather than pushing the existing ones. But it can be done appropriately.

    Some people post their entire article on hundreds of places all over the web, hoping the link helps them. It likely won't. you ARE spamming. Unless you have a valid newsworthy press release avoid this.

    And then you have ****e that people pass off as 'articles' which are just computer altered garbage. If you write those the entire internet would like to ask you to please leave and never come back.

    Once they are in a decent position, and even before most to sites reserve their content for themselves and let links to it build fairly naturally. Using social media to alert readers to new content. IF the content is actually interesting Bloggers, and others pick it up and spread it by talking about it. The result is hundreds of different blogs writing their own unique reviews that link to your site all by themselves.
    Unfortunately only one out of a million sites has content worth the time it takes to skim it, much less share it with your friends.

    So do you make articles with the quality of a Make Magazine staff article? A DPReview in depth camera review? A Phil Plat simplification/explanation of what an astronomical event or discovery?
    Do you produce at least one of these a week?

    People LIKE good well formatted articles. The WANT to read them. And google will serve them up. So it can be PART of your marketing strategy... IF you do it right.

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