Hi Mallory24,
My use of trekking was by way of an example.

What we don't know is how consistently your page ranked top 10 for the query, "Mt Everest" and how long ago that was.

Are you able to throw any info to us about the types of sites that ranked top 10 back when your page was up there?

My impression is that for short search queries like, "Mt Everest" where the user's intent is impossible to guess, G now uses the most recent search queries that contain the words and selects its top 10 SERPs from the 12 "searches related to" and "people also asked" queries.

If so, this would create top 10 lists that could change quite dramatically and in a short time frame. It may also explain how SERP results by search country can change rapidly.

I listed the top 10 results for a G.uk search on 1 Feb. I repeated them again on 13 Feb 18. Here is a summary of the changes:

Top 10 Ranking Changes 1 - 13 Feb 18:
New pages = 4
Unchnged pages = 3
Pages moved up = 2
Pages moved down = 1

Historically, that seems to me to be a lot of ranking change for a 13-day period.

I find it interesting to note the types of pages that now rank top 10.

News/Mag pages = 5
Encyclopedia pages = 3
Video pages = 1
Education site = 1

There is no site Home page in the top 10 list. There is no top 10 page with either "mt" or "everest" in its domain name.

13 Feb 18 results for "people also asked" and "searches related to" queries:

How much money does it cost to climb Mount Everest
How much does it cost to do Mount Everest
How many have made it to the top of Mount Everest
Are there dead bodies on Mount Everest
mount everest country
mount everest map
mt everest facts
mount everest information
mount everest deaths
mount everest movie
mount everest bodies
mount everest video

If you compare this list to the one above, there are many similar searches but the sequence has changed.

If this is a RankBrain function that is modifying results for possible searcher intent, even these small changes are possibly generating very large changes in SERPs.

I'm not just voicing these thoughts based on Mallory24's website and two-word search query. I've followed a few similar short search queries and I believe this may now be the G. search norm.

Anyone else noting it?

The next SEO question is, what do we do about it?