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    Anyone noticing google suspending accounts that convert TOO GOOD?

    So you build a slick landing page that converts over 50%. Maybe even 75%.

    That means, google sees a user STOP CLICKING the term in bounceback.

    The user is satisfied, they call the client, email the client or go to an order page over 50% of the time.

    You account is on a high end EMD, you started out with 10/10 QS.

    It runs for a little while, the clients phones light up, then google sends the usual BS email, your account violated google policies in this or another account.

    You call, your number says, don't call, you are suspended, when you put your clients account number in the phone.

    You start to send the emails, if you're lucky, it gets put on our mistake.

    If that doesn't work, you have to email their law department an ANTI TRUST COMPLAINT to get the account turned back on for restraint of trade and unfair competition.

    I honestly believe that google is now trying to ban any super successful ppc accounts. The reason is simple, when most ppc has under 5% response ratios, that means the user is constantly bouncing back to google and clicking more ads so more revenue.

    If the users are responding to client 50% to 75% like we often get for our professionals, lawyers, surgeons, realtors, etc.

    Then google is loosing a ton of money.

    So you work is 10/10 QS out of the gate, then it drops and then you are banned.

    This used to rarely happen.

    Anyone else running lots of ppc stuff for clients with huge response ratios see this happening.

    It could be time for a killer lawsuit on google over it.
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    Your post isn't very clear.

    Do you have an analytics account linked to your adwords account?
    Could anything on your site, or in your ad be construed as violating the ToS?
    When you say 50%-75% conversion, do you mean CTR or on site conversion, if on site, what type.

    I have honestly never heard of this happening to anyone who was not pushing the limits of or violating the ToS.
    Between the phrase "high end EMD" and the astronomical conversion rate I see red flags.

    You sent an Anti Trust Complaint to Google's legal department? That doesn't even make sense.

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    I agree with realityhack, I have never heard or seen such a thing. Most likely they have violated a real Google policy, could be "fake goods" or any number of reasons why the account was banned.

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