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    Thumbs up Maximize your Google Adsense earnings

    Well, let's face the fact. Most Google adsense publishers are not able to earn a decent income from their adsense.

    However some changes to how you implement adsense to your site may have a drastic change on your website revenues.

    Implement adsense at a position where it can be seen easily. We often ignore how our website is seen by visitors. if your adsense ads cannot be noticed easily, they will not be clicked on.

    Merge your google adsense background and border color, with that of your website. Often it is what Google calls "ad blindness". If something looks like an ad, people avoid looking at it. Your adsense should merger with the content of your website.

    Finally, check your content keywords. The adsense ads displayed are relevent to the content of the website. If your website contents target ads that have low paying ads, then the revenue is less, even if there are lots of clicks. That is how a single click may pay you $0.03 or $20.00 . Targeting adsense ads that pay more increases website revenues substantially.

    See video on adsense analysis at - Top Paying Adsense Keywords

    The great CPC mistake: Now, this much implemented, it depends how we analyse good paying adsense keywords. CPC (cost per click) available on Google adsense is not enough, as the real payment depends on several factors. The bottom line is if there are enough advertisers who are bidding high on a keyword, then the payment of the keyword be good. A high CPC does not necessarily mean that there are enough advertisers who are bidding high on that keyword. Good earnings also mean that there are enough advertisers bidding high on that keyword.

    Try out the 'free top paying keywords' at - Top Paying Adsense Keywords
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    I don't think keywords are nearly as important as people selling us the lists would like us to think! The key to making money with AdSense is traffic, not placement, keywords, or colors. They all help increase your earnings, but you need traffic before any of them become effective.

    If you are looking for info about integration etc, get it at my site for free. . Don't blow your adsense cash on those ebooks, I've read most of them and it's mostly junk.
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    I think you had said some obvious tips.

    The best way to get money from adsence is get more traffic to your website and try to apply some behavior advertizement method, make a deep analisys on where and how you clients get to pages in your website and analize where traffic spend more time on your page... that all you need...
    I am a content scrapper. If you need to obtain and process big data, pm me.
    I have a multi-threaded spider that runs on several ec2 instances.
    I have been crawling twitter, and other big guys for a while. Outputs: SQL, XML, CSV, MYSQL, TXT
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    I have your #1 keyword for your site: SPAM
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