I handle digital marketing for a luxury jewelry company that does solid retail business, but sees its future in ecommerce. While I am better trained and am a firmer believer in SEO over PPC, I still need to meet my monthly sales quotas and could use some advice on how to do that for a company that only wants to run text ads for brand name searches (as our company does not currently rank on page 1 for its brand name due to a massive backlink building misstep that my predecessor thought could work in the age of Panda. Needless to say, the site tumbled from page 1 to 7 on Google SERPs).

Anyhoo, so my company wants to only run image ads on display networks (right now, Google's, but the quality of sites that Google offers does not line up with our brand). Personally, I don't believe we have the budget to compete for the high-volume keywords in the luxury jewelry market and outside of David Yurman, none of our competitors really make use of PPC (namely because they have the name recognition we lack). But we are selling both a product and a brand lifestyle, something that an image ad captures and a text ad simply can not.

So, to sum up a bloated question, I am looking for any display network strategy suggestions that people have. How might one better manage one's placements in Google (I do managed placements, but our list and budget prohibits most of our keywords from getting any play) using image ads? I would think an image ad PPC campaign would tend to fare better on social media sites like FB, but in the luxury market, the conversion rate is notoriously low and I would have a hard time selling that idea to my bosses. I believe taking the plunge and advertising on nytimes.com could generate the best ROI given our limited budget, but I also hate to put all of our eggs in one basket (which was pretty much their print media strategy). Does anyone know of reputable ad networks for luxury brands? This is the type of tenor my bosses would like to see: http://nowmanifest.com/advertise/

I know the stats generally favor text ads over image ones, but has anyone had success with running image ads? How does one optimize their display network placements using long-tail keywords? I am happy to go into more detail, but first, if anyone has had a similar experience, I would greatly appreciate any insight.