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    How to speed up AB testing of adword ads?

    Hi, I'm trying to AB test my adword ads and finding it a frustrating and time consuming experience as I've alot of ads. Using adwords to optimise them for me isn't ideal as I want to basically find ads that generate the most sales within a maximum cost of acquistion, and google optimises on CTR. Similarly other tools out there.

    Any advice please??
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    When you have a minimum budget of $5 don't split test 50 ads per ad group otherwise you'll wait a year for decent data. The trick is the reduce the number of ads dependent on your spend. Also set the settings to rotate ads.

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    regarding your comment on it being time consuming...in the ad creation process and this may be a little basic for you but if you're not already using it, adwords editor helps you make mass changes across adgroups, which takes some of the manual-ness out of it....
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    Test hypotheses against each other. Don't test "variations." I've spent a lot of time testing small differences just for the sake of split testing and learning what version of an ad was better, but in practice these got relatively small CTR or other improvements.

    A better approach is to
    1) See what's working for competitors. Draw inspiration
    2) Come up with 2-3 hypotheses of what might attract a click.
    3) Test ads based on those hypotheses against each other.

    The greater the differences, the better. E.g. What's more appealing, a discount or social proof? "10% off" vs "loved by thousands"

    On the greyhat side, set up multiple sites with multiple accounts and buy more than one spot in the SERPs.

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    I would recommend starting with one or two of your top volume decently converting ad-groups.
    Looking at those start to think about wither you have enough traffic to get statistically significant results. Someone pointed me at https://vwo.com/ab-split-test-duration/ I do not know what math they are using but I think it might be a little on the pessimistic side.
    Use only 1 test and the control (2 ads). Set Google to split the traffic evenly.
    It will still take time. You will need to commit to running the test for X period. Do not test every day and assume you have the answer when something shows as significant.

    You might also try something dramatically different the first time through instead of tweaking the headline change the call to action, or even the entire ad instead of one line to see what general direction might be a good one to go in.

    Statistical testing can be amazing but you MUST have the traffic volume for it.

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