Hi everyone!

Last month I re-run a PLA campaign after pausing it for about 5 months. On the first week, I already got 7 converted clicks, which I didn't expect, because I just re-run it. I didn't do anything. With the aim of optimizing it and getting more conversions, I started digging into the data and adding keywords that triggered the conversion. First week after that, the conversion got higher. So I thought of optimizing it and adding other keywords, because there were a lot and I was too lazy to add everything. I also added links to landing pages (before it would all go to the brand page not to the actual product page). After that, the conversions dropped. What do you think is the cause of this?

Please note that after this, I digged into the data again and increased the bidding on days and time of the days when I got more conversions before as well as decreasing the bidding more mobiles with full browsers, but it only decreased the conversion more. :'(