We found something very promising for driving more qualified traffic to our site through google content ads.

We reviewed our logs for all visitors that came through content ads. The logs reveal the content source url. (Our summary log analysis package simply identifies that visits came through google adsense content but not which content sources).

From reviewing the data from about 20 days of logs we have identified a group of content sources (urls) that reqularly generate visitors to our site through adsense. Currently we have identified 2 (possibly a 3rd) where we are going to investigate direct advertising, buying links, reciprocals, etc.

We had considered these areas for advertising/marketing before as we assumed they would drive some potential traffic to our site. We weren't sure which sources, which sites, etc. that might work.

Now we have some pretty inexpensive advertising evidence that certain particular website generate some traffic to us, and also see that the 2 or 3 sites which repetively drive some traffic to us are theme related.

We additionally saw some conversions from the prime two urls, as our log analysis tool was able to generate the url of the originating page.

I think this is a cool way to increase themed potentially qualified traffic to the site, especially since content sources are so incredibly wide and varied and cover tons of web sites one may never imagine.