I realise I post a lot of threads here, and I apologise for it, but I need some advice.

How often should you change your Google Ads adverts?
I am trying to design a new campaign structure, with an emphasis on leaving it alone to bring in enough data to properly analyse it.

I know that by making frequent changes to bids or budgets, the eventual results you get will be skewed.
But does creating new adverts do the same thing?

Should I create one set of adverts and leave them for a month before making changes?
Or can I remove any under-performing adverts once they reach a certain number of impressions?

My main concern is messing up the data the campaign gathers, but also I obviously don't want underperforming advetrs staying in the campaign longer than the need to.

The internet is annoyingly vague on this topic, and I can't see anywhere a suggestion of how often to change adverts for new ones.
So does anyone here have any advice?

Thanks in advance!