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    Adsense reads domain name for content clues

    I am developing a programming site that has progamming code examples and am experimenting on a test domain as Adsense has a hard time determining the content. I'll switch to my 'real' domain once I have the bugs worked out.
    The test domain name is the 5 letter name of a small town in Northern Ontario, the name appears no where else on the site, I live in the USA and host the site in the USA.
    I found it interesting that when Adsense cannot determine page content it is reading the domain name for a clue and is returning Adsense ads for Ontario travel and hotel deals in Barrie (Ontario cottage country).
    My take is that domain name and hypenated names (mine isn't) can help in targetting Adsense.
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    Domain name (including folders) can play a crucial role in ad delivery. You should always be attentive to that as it can sometimes be more important then content tweaks.

    Create an admin.html page and see what ads come up usually regardless of the content
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    Ask donna when she gets back from hurricane evacuation... she gets baskin robbins ads on SEO-scoop.com... lol
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    Originally Posted by EGOL
    Ask donna when she gets back from hurricane evacuation... she gets baskin robbins ads on SEO-scoop.com... lol
    Wow! That is Funny!

    I had a problem with that and got the ads that I wanted after a lot of trial and error optimization. The problem is, it takes two weeks for every little change that may or may not be satisfactory.
    Once i had it all figured out Google came up with this: http://forums.seochat.com/t47259/s.html
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    I always thought that the majority of adsense theme/weight was taken from the title tags.
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    To me it seems the name of the directory the files are in has the strongest weight, which is pretty stupid as title tags & heading should really be the major weight
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    As far as I noticed the importance for adsense is:
    - domain name / directory structure / file name (I saw a lot of ads related ONYL with the name of the site or with the file name)
    - title and heading (H1, H2)
    - text

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