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I want to develop a 'brand' that Google will recognize and include in the 'Related Searches' section at the bottom of search pages.

The 18 month old site ranks reasonably well (second half of page #1) - I want to achieve getting the product 'brand name' in related searches.

It is a niche product, clip-on earrings, the site is, the registered name of the business that owns the site is Dazzlers - the OS (Zen Cart) eCommerce engine allows for adding brands to products in the back end.

In a search for clip-on earrings invariably in the related searches are entries like; clip on earrings 'brand x' - clip on earrings 'store z' - etc.

The thought was to change the site name to 'DazzlersClipOnEarrings' and including the name 'dazzlers' in product meta titles and descriptions and building some links including the name dazzlers to pages on the site?

Would that go some way to achieving the goal?

Mike ]]>
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