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    How to Increase the Online Sale

    Hello Friends,
    Hope you all had a nice Easter. I am too late and that's why not wishing anyone (otherwise they can feel that I am wishing in advance for the next year ).

    Lets come to the point for which I am creating this thread.
    I had a client. He is selling some hardware staffs. He had many retail shops in UK, USA and few other European countries for doing Offline Sale.

    He had the option of selling online, but never thought to promote or utilize that. His main site is being used just for a Web Existence of his company.

    Now he wants to use the online sale option. Now he wants a plan that how to promote and increase the online sale. I have suggested to use the PPC campaign and that is going on. But he is looking for other alternatives (including implementation of changes on the site) to increase the online sale. I am working on preparing a list of techniques that can be done to increase the online sale. I would like to share few points that came to my mind, because I think this is the best place from where I can get the suggestion whether I am in right track or not. May be my research can help some one also.

    Here are the things that came to mind till now.

    Things can be done to increase the online sale:

    1. Highlight Online Sale Option – In the present time, the online sale is a good option to generate revenue. We can save the cost of a physical store. But people should aware about that option. We should highlight the online sales option.

    2. Sale the right product - We need to understand the product that can be sold online. There are few products that can’t be sold online. If we research on the top selling products of ebay and amazon - we can find small devices, CDs, Books etc will be there. We need to understand the sale able products from our product list.

    3. Competitive Information – We can inform the potential customers about the other products same as any of our products and how our product is better than them. I don’t know whether this is possible or not.

    4. Product Page Title and Description - Each and every product page should have unique page title and description. We can set product name as page title and product description as page description. If the description is not possible we should have the title.

    5. Call-to-Action to your Product Page - Call-to-action statements will also help. A call-to-action is sales statement that engages customers and creates a sense of urgency to encourage them to make the purchase. You want to push customers to check out now, not later.

    Many e-shops place these statements on their main Web shop or main category pages, but you should also include the call-to-action right on product page near the “add to cart” or “check-out” buttons.

    Examples of call-to-action statements could include; “Free shipping ends in three days,” or “Join our mailing list today and receive a 10 percent discount on this order.”

    6. Customer Review – It has quite a good impact in online sale. Every product should have customer feedback or review on the page.

    How to attract customer to write feedbacks:
    I. Give a prominent link to write feedback
    II. After order confirmation, we can send them a link and request to write a feedback

    7. Reward Programs – We can start some reward programs to attract customers to come back and buy from our estores.

    8. Active Functionality – We should check whether the functionality of online purchase is working properly or not.

    9. Customer Services – For online sales, the customer service is very important. It may happen that people do not find the product he/she wants. Now there should be a prominent “Contact Us” option for the visitors, so that in case of non availability of product visitors can contact us. In any case where product is not available in stores, this process can be helpful.

    10. Online Privacy Certification – It is an important factor of online sale. In US it may not be a factor, but in European market, this can be a issue. TRUSTe.com can be a solution for that.

    I think this is the longest thread that I have created till now in this forum. But it would be great if you people take some time out of your busy schedule and help me to make a correct list of Do's in increase of Online Sale.

    Please correct me if I am wrong some where and please add if you have any new ideas in mind.

    Hope this will be a great thread for the new comers in future.

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    Hey, thank you for the long thread. What you said is rather useful to us. I guess you must rather successful on internet marketing. Hope I can be successful as you are in the near future.
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    You should also ask your customer to register using their email so you could have the option of giving out newsletters, it's a good way to keep your customers updated on what is happening to your site and your latest promotions.

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